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Handy banking and tax app for FOP 3

A business account for stress free tax reporting, automated bookkeeping and banking essentials, in one app.

Download the Fairo app now.

Stop postponing your business future and revolutionize your freelance finance at this very moment.

We’re here to help you with your taxes, so you can get back to your business.
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Single tax reporting
in 3 minutes


3 steps to send a
tax report from your phone

Stress free

Automated tax report generation and deadline reminders
stress free finances

How Fairo works

Get Paid
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Your salary goes into
your Fairo business account
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Fairo automatically
calculates the taxes
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When it’s tax time,
with just 3 steps, create a single tax and ESV report
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Pay the tax you
owe in one click
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The money left over
goes to your Fairo personal account
What we can do for you

Amazing features
and value

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Гарантовано нашими партнерами
Райффайзен Банк надає усі Fairo банківські послуги
Liga Report допомагає надсилати податкові та ЄСВ звіти
YouControl надає послуги, щоб спростити заповнення податкових звітів
Гарантировано нашими партнерами
Райффайзен Банк предоставляет все банковские услуги Fairo
Liga Report помогает нам отправлять налоговые отчеты и отчеты ЕСВ
YouControl предоставляет услуги по упрощению заполнения налоговой отчетности
guaranteed by our partners
Raiffeisen Bank powers all of Fairo banking services
Liga Report helps us in sending tax and ESV reports
YouControl provides services in order to simplify filing in tax reports
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Свобода починається тут
Свобода починається тут

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свобода начинается здесь
свобода начинается здесь

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