Imagine freelancing without all
the admin

Whether you’re a developer, retailer,
or consultant—you deserve to do more of what you love.

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Freelancers spend on average 240 hours per year:

Tracking income and expenses to calculate tax payments

Using multiple tools
and spreadsheets

Dealing with
tax authorities

Sound familiar?

Take back your lost time.


Set your business
on auto-pilot

Download Fairo and set up a business account.

Get paid faster

Create and send invoices in seconds with advanced features like automated invoice templates, pre-filled customer details, and instant notifications.

1 hour saved


Manage your books
like a boss

Stay on top of your income with automated bookkeeping, categorisation, payment tracking, 
and automatic currency conversion.
1ST month

20 hour saved


Say goodbye
to tax stress

File tax reports in 3 minutes with auto-generated FOP3 taxes and ESV reports, smart tax calculations based on income, official notifications and confirmations from tax authorities, and more.

60 hour saved

Focus on your work,
not the admin

Make more money, close more deals, do more of what you love—and let us handle the boring admin.
1ST year

240 hour saved


We joined forces with the best banking and legal partners to create the first all-in-one app solution for FOP3 freelancers.


Raiffeisen Bank Aval powers all of Fairo banking services

Tax reporting

Liga Report helps us in sending tax
and ESV reports

Data aggregation

YouControl provides services in order to simplify filling in tax reports

Invoicing was pretty boring and time-consuming before Fairo. Now, I can manage all the financial aspects of my business right from my smartphone. That's the most convenient thing about it! I have access to all my incoming payments as well as my tax reports. I even get reminders about when things are due! This allows me to control my cash flow, and I never have to worry about missing any deadlines. Great things are happening!
Anastasia Bekolopitova, entrepreneur (FOP3)
The idea is cool, all in one place and easy to use, easy to understand without an accountant.
Michail Antonkin
FOP3, software developer
The coolest thing for me is calculating the amount of taxes, you don't need to count anything, you can immediately see the amount that needs to be paid to the tax authorities.
Julia Marchenko
FOP3, software tester

Achieve more, with less effort.
Do more of what you love.