All you need,
in the palm
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Get the combined power of banking, tax reporting, bookkeeping and invoicing in one place. Up to 2 months free.

One finance app, perfectly designed for freelancers


Banking that makes everything else easier

We know you might be thinking; "I have a bank account already". Not like this one!

  • Open a business and personal account from your phone.

  • Manage your business account online, wherever you are.

  • Send invoices and get paid in one place.

  • Set money aside in your business account for tax payments.

  • Pay your taxes directly from the app.


Tax Reporting minus the fear

Yes, we did say tax, but no need to worry!

  • Generate FOP 3 pre-filled single tax and ESV reports.

  • One click to pay your taxes from your phone.

  • Never miss a deadline with tax reporting and payment notifications.

  • Our partners; Liga Report, and You Control make sure your tax reports are government compliant.


Bookkeeping that does it all for you

What do you need to do? Well, nothing.

  • Automatic tax calculation on incoming payments.

  • Always know what tax to pay.

  • Fairo tracks your turnover limit ensure you stay under the FOP 3 threshold.


The power
of linked invoicing

Fairo makes invoicing simple but it's the link to everything else that gives it real strength.

  • Invoicing in 3 languages and in over 40 currencies.

  • Create, send and track invoices from the app.

  • Download and save client data from the state register.

  • Automatic invoice payment pairing calculates single tax in real time.

Invoicing was pretty boring and time-consuming before Fairo. Now, I can manage all the financial aspects of my business right from my smartphone. That's the most convenient thing about it! I have access to all my incoming payments as well as my tax reports. I even get reminders about when things are due! This allows me to control my cash flow, and I never have to worry about missing any deadlines. Great things are happening!
Anastasia Bekolopitova, entrepreneur (FOP3)
The idea is cool, all in one place and easy to use, easy to understand without an accountant.
Michail Antonkin
FOP 3, software developer
The coolest thing for me is calculating the amount of taxes, you don't need to count anything, you can immediately see the amount that needs to be paid to the tax authorities.
Julia Marchenko
FOP3, software tester

Wave goodbye to financial admin with one handy app.

Up to 2 months free, then 199 UAH/month