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Freelance finance management for the future

Fairo is ready to help your business take off with invoicing and accounting tools designed for modern FOP3 freelancers.

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Create professional invoices faster

With Fairo, getting paid has never been easier. Create and send professional invoices in seconds, with advanced features like automated templates and real-time notifications.

  • Create your profile and automatically download reusable customer data

  • Create professional invoices, add thank you messages and send photos

  • Add payment deadlines and generate work completion acts

  • Send invoices in PDF or as links

  • Send and receive invoices inside of the app (coming soon)

  • Automated status tracking of issued and received invoices (coming soon)

Manage your books like a boss

If you're a FOP3, you can stay on top of your income with automated bookkeeping, categorisation, and payment tracking. Say goodbye to all the spreadsheets, tools, and apps — let Fairo do the heavy lifting instead.

  • Automated bookkeeping

  • Transaction categorisation

  • Tax reserve for each incoming transaction

  • Turnover limit tracking

  • Automatic tax calculation from income

  • Automatic currency conversion

Coming soon

Make tax reporting a breeze

Get rid of tax stress with automated bookkeeping, smart tax calculations based on income, prefilled tax reports, and due date notifications. You’ll have all the information you need to file your FOP3 taxes fast without lifting a finger.

  • Prefilled FOP3 tax and ESV reports

  • Up-to-date payment credentials for tax and ESV payments

  • E-sign tax reports with biometrics

  • Official notifications and confirmations from the tax authorities

  • Automated reminders about due dates

See why Fairo is pioneering the future of freelance finance management.

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