Frequently asked questions

What are the conditions of my service package? 

What happens when a package with a free trial ends?

How do I know about trial expiration date?

What do I need to open a Fairo account?

How can I check if the contract to open an account has been signed?

What information security standards does Fairo use?

Why is Fairo safe? 

When will my card be available after opening the account?

Which ATMs make it possible to withdraw cash for free? 

How can I order an additional card? 

When can I use my virtual card?

How is it possible to block my card?

How to top up my account?

How can I transfer money to other accounts in app?

Can I use this virtual card abroad? Whom shall I inform?

Why was my online payment unsuccessful?

What cash withdrawal means does Fairo provide?

Where can I find ATMs with the option of withdrawing cash from a virtual card?

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