Handy banking and tax app for FOP

A business account for stress free tax reporting, automated bookkeeping and banking essentials, in one app.

One handy finance app. Zero stress.

Open a business account online in minutes, straight from your phone

  • All inclusive business and personal bank account

  • Send invoices and get paid in one place

  • FOP 3 single tax calculated in real time

  • Automated FOP 3 tax report generation

  • One click to pay your taxes

  • Unlimited ATM withdrawals in UA

  • Added security with virtual cards

Supported by the most trusted partners in the industry


Raiffeisen Bank powers all of Fairo’s banking services

Tax reporting

Liga Report helps us to send single tax and ESV reports

Data aggregation

YouControl provides services in order to simplify filling in tax reports

You're in safe hands

Personal data encryption

Qualified Electronic Signature authentication

Regulated by Raiffeisen Group Security


Anastasia Bekolopitova

Now I can manage all financial aspects of my business in my smartphone and that's the most convenient thing about.

Alex Solonenko, photographer

Fairo is truly a great app to make my life easier. Especially if you are not into invoices and all the accounting stuff.

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