Handy banking and tax app for FOP 3

A business account for stress free tax reporting, automated bookkeeping and banking essentials, in one app.

We’re here to help you with your taxes, so you can get back to your business.
We guarantee that our product is:


Single tax reporting
in 3 minutes


3 steps to send a
tax report from your phone

Stress free

Automated tax report generation and deadline reminders
stress free finances

How the magic happens

Cash o’ Clock
We start with the fun part.
Time to get paid.
Get that money rolling in
It all goes straight to your
Fairo business account
Taxes? What taxes?
Automatic tax calculation
means it’s done for you.
As easy as 1, 2, 3
Tax time is now stress free. Just 3 steps to create a single tax and ESV report

One click is all it takes
Take care of your tax payments effortlessly
Spend it your way
Transfer the cash left over to your Fairo personal account.
What we can do for you

Relax, here’s what we take care of

Put your feet up. Get the business account with stress free tax reporting, automated bookkeeping and banking essentials, in one app.

  • Automated single tax and ESV reports
  • One click to pay your taxes from the app
  • Automatic incoming transactions tracking
  • Business and personal bank account
  • Physical and virtual debit cards
  • FOP limits control
  • Create, send and manage invoices
  • Online bookkeeping
  • 24/7 currency exchange on € & $
  • USD & EUR accounts

0 UAH per month.

Subscription terminated, pay per use.

Fairo without our bank account

Want to try Fairo without tying the knot with our bank account?

Use all non-banking features for free

✔️ Create, send and manage invoices, including act of completion

✔️ Automated single tax and ESV reports

User of Privat bank? Connect your Privat business accounts to Fairo to see all your incoming business transactions in one place. Easy tutorial to integrate your Privat accounts to Fairo is here.

✔️ Your tax amount and FOP limits status will be calculated in real time as bookkeeping is automatically done for you (only for FOP3).

✔️ You can report  easily from the app

guaranteed by our partners
Raiffeisen Bank powers all of Fairo banking services
Liga Report helps us in sending tax and ESV reports
YouControl provides services in order to simplify filing in tax reports

Join more than
30 000 freelancers

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