Your next pizza is on us — Fairo gives a 300 UAH welcome bonus to every newly opened bank account 🤑

Fairo launched just over a year ago with the promise of helping freelancers manage their finances better. First, we introduced invoicing, automated bookkeeping, and tax reporting all in one app - since then over 30,000 freelancers have swapped their accountants for Fairo; not a bad first year.

The big news came this spring when we launched banking. Now you can create your invoice directly in the Fairo app, send it to your client, and get paid for your work directly into your Fairo business account. Our handy app takes care of bookkeeping and also automatically calculates your taxes, so you’ll always be able to see how much you owe the tax office. When the tax season comes, pay the taxman with just 1 click.

Want to do some shopping? Move money from your Fairo business account to your Fairo private account and spend it any way you chose using your virtual card. If you’d like to have a physical card - just order one, it's free. 

Starting today, we have even more good news for everyone - if you open a Fairo business account you’ll receive a welcome bonus of 300 UAH. Handy, right?

An offer this good can’t last forever and is valid for a limited number of customers only, so hurry and get yours today. 

Want to invite your friends to Fairo? Hang in there, we’ll soon be launching our referral program so you can earn a reward for each friend that opens an account with us. 

Keep watching this space, when it comes to good news we've got loads more to come.